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I began fostering dogs in 2022 and never looked back.

Dogs have been invaluable companions to me throughout my life and having the opportunity to foster led me to create CanMyDogEat.org

After becoming passionate about helping dogs in my community I quickly learned how different dogs have different dietary requirements.

Constantly researching what dogs can eat led me to create this website for my own personal use but more importantly to help other dog owners learn what their dogs can eat and foods they shouldn’t eat.

Today, I have a dedicated team of researchers, writers, and editors who help me maintain and update CanMyDogEat.org to provide accurate and complete information on what foods your dogs can eat.

I hope you find the information on this site helpful, I aim to share nutritional information and help dog owners feed their dogs better.

Please feel free to reach out anytime with comments, feedback and suggestions.

Thank you for using CanMyDogEat.org and feeding your pup healthy foods!

Keller, Ali the Mali, and Django the Doberman

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